From Perfectionism to Excellence

A bit over a year ago, I realized that I had reached the point where perfectionism wasn’t serving me anymore (you can read about it here)—if it ever had, which I am questioning today. But early last winter, I had no idea that it would be possible for me to get this far. So what has […]

Stop Making Excuses!

I’m sure you are familiar with the sentence, “If you want to do something you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse.” I’ve always found that a pretty rude statement that might be appropriate on the social media of boot camp instructors, but has no place in coaching relationships. I still think so, […]

Micro-Dosing Self-Care

Micro-dosing is a pretty popular concept these days, and so I got to think, how about we applied it to our self-care as well? After all, the reason why we don’t do a lot of things that are good for us is that we feel we don’t have the time, right? I know that’s a […]

Trust your Gut. On Fear and Intuition.

The other day I listened to one of Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations on staying safe, and I realized that most of us do indeed struggle with fear, second-guessing our instincts when we should totally trust our gut and totally accepting it when it only reminds us that we are about to leave our comfort zone.  The […]

Talking about Grief, or: The Losses that Define Us

A while ago, at a workshop, I had a conversation with another participant about grief, and it made me think of times when I was going through the same raw experience, the helpful advice I got back then, and what I learned in the process. So I thought, for once I’d share that. This is […]

The Willpower Gap

Have you heard the term “willpower gap” before? You may not, but I am sure you have experienced it.  Willpower gap, a term coined by Susan Pierce Thompson, refers to the fact that your ability to stick to your plans diminishes over the course of the day, due to the many decisions we have to […]

Doing Things by Yourself

How often do you see a movie by yourself in the theater? Do you go to exhibitions or concerts or readings alone? And have you ever traveled solo? I usually don’t—and by that I mean I don’t do any of these things without others if I can avoid it, even to the extent that I […]

How to Manage Expectations

How to manage expectations

Have you ever been vastly disappointed because someone in your family or at your workplace did something so inconsiderate you could hardly believe it, all the while being totally oblivious to the effect their actions may have on you? Have you struggled to be the “good girl” (or “good boy” of course) others expect you […]

How to Build Self-worth

5 simple steps to build self-worth

Truth be told, I am a bit confused about how many people think there’s a correlation between self-worth and net worth. I guess you can derive a sense of self-worth from your accomplishments, which may have translated directly into revenues. If that’s the case for you, good for you! But for most of us it’s […]

Journaling to change your thoughts

In case you’ve read some of my prior blog posts, you probably know that I am a huge fan of journaling. (If you want to learn more about it, check out the top five reasons to journal and types of journaling.) You may not know that I have a master’s degree in literature and language. Read […]