Put your vision on a board

When was the last time you had a vision board? It’s been close to ten years for me I think. But this year I have one—it’s the one in the pic, actually—and I absolutely love it! Truth be told, I didn’t even plan to make one. But I am going to tons of events this year to learn new things and meet new people, and so I found myself at a vision board night at The Riveter (check out this fabulous community space here).

Now I can’t come up with any reasonable explanation why I haven’t made one these past few years. Seriously, people, it’s one of the nicest things you can do for yourself! And it doesn’t have to be as big as mine either if you don’t want a huge posterboard on your wall. (I get it.) But whatever size you choose, make sure to put it in a place where you can see it often—even if that’s your sock drawer!

So, why is a vision board the shit?

1) You take the time thinking about what you actually want.

Often enough, we know what we don’t want. But saying “this is what I want in my life” is a step up. It’s harder but much more productive. You can do it in an app or by printing out stuff from the internet too, but I recommend doing it the old-fashioned way, with magazines and scissors and glue because …

2) Touching images that show your goals makes them feel more real.

Seriously, when I cut out that image of a Porsche from a business magazine, I was totally in my Porsche driver fantasy. Never mind that my dream car is from the 1960s and the only pic I could find was of a brand-new model—it’s a good enough representation! And also, never mind it’s a pretty far-out goal because …

3) Crafting is creating playtime for your inner child.

That’s a very good thing because we all have a lot of reasonable goals we are totally aware of, but when we get ourselves into the mindset of allowing everything that resonates with us, we can go beyond the reasonable and attainable and add the crazy goals without hesitation. (Yes, there’s Oprah on my board. If you can wish for anything, who wouldn’t want to meet Oprah?)

I am very excited to manifest the first few things depicted on my vision board! Actually, one—of the attainable category—already has come true: The hubby and I got a new car last week to replace the one totaled in an accident before Christmas. It’s not my dream Porsche (yet!), but a very nice car nevertheless. Let’s see what I can make a reality next … #

How about you? Do you have a vision board? How do you like it? And have you already achieved some of your goals this year? I look forward to hearing your stories!