Hi, I'm Micha

Life & leadership coach / speaker / thinking partner / trusted adviser to inspiring women

I primarily work with women in tech and other male-dominated industries, guiding my clients through the process of unlearning what holds them back and gaining the confidence they currently lack in their professional environment. Going forward, they will be able to rewrite the rules and change the world – one company, one community, one boardroom at a time. 

Born and raised in Germany, I am all about being efficient and pragmatic, solution-oriented and direct. My background is in “old tech”, the German luxury car industry, and since moving to the US I have found that the issues women are facing at leading tech companies and start-ups are rather similar. 

This is why I focus mostly on issues such as negative self-talk, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, self-sabotage, etc. in my talks and workshops. On top of that, I work with individual women that inspire me as much as I hope to inspire them – either in 1-on-1 sessions or through coaching office hours at their company.

What you might not know about me

  • My last name is indeed Goebig – so that’s where the Go Big Coaching comes from.


  • 2019 marked my 20th anniversary of being in business for myself. Before training as a coach with one of Germany’s leading executive coaches, I founded (and still own) a boutique agency that specializes in writing, editing and translation services for the German luxury car industry.
  • My very first job was teaching college in the US. Actually, it was almost my first teaching job too – as I had slightly overstated my teaching experience when I applied…


  • I have published two novels, one a “rom-com of the month” with RandomHouse’s largest German outlet, and a brief volume of essential English grammar for Germans.
  • I hold a master’s degree in literature but dropped out of my Ph.D. program— a fact I am not proud of, but that makes me uniquely qualified to teach impostor syndrome workshops!


  • When I was four years old, I discovered two of my big passions to this day: public speaking and ice-hockey. While I was not allowed to pick up hockey (I ended up on the figure-skating team), I have since taken every opportunity to practice my speaking skills, including a stint as a presentation trainer for German executives.

I am available as a speaker for your conference or event or as a guest on your podcast.

Just send me a message here.

Micha Goebig