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Hi, I'm Micha!

As a life coach and change strategist, I support and empower my clients in mastering the personal aspects of major transitions, reframe their negative self-talk, build healthy habits, and set and achieve smart goals.

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LIFE STORY COACHING: give yourself some love and attention

Have you recently moved abroad and feel out of tune? Are you on a midlife quest for identity or purpose, maybe because you don't have children and want to leave your mark on the world in another way? No matter how successful, confident or well-organized we are, certain situations or stages of life just turn everything upside down. Life gets messy, and often enough it is our old experiences and beliefs that are holding us back. But here's the good news: You don't have to figure it all out by yourself! Let me help you navigate your transition process and add a beautiful new chapter to your life story—so that you can live the life you truly want!

What Clients Say

  • I own more self help books then I care to admit and have worked with coaches before and attended plenty of workshops and usually can get something out of them. I was so pleasantly surprised when my expectations were so far exceeded that by the time I was leaving the workshop, I couldn’t believe the paradigm shifts that happened in a mere 2 1/2 hours. Micha brings an out of the box approach to a talked to death subject and not only opens your eyes but gives you valuable tools to succeed and manage your inner critic. Thank you 🙏 Micha

    Nicole C. Workshop participant
  • I really enjoyed Micha's workshop on Managing Your Inner Critic. I feel as though we are all well aware of our own Inner Critic, however, very few take the time to understand, process, and turn off that voice. This workshop gave me a new perspective of my own inner critic. How to think about and discover the root of that voice to better acknowledge and learn from the message while not allowing it to hinder me. I absolutely recommend this workshop for anyone and everyone; we all have an inner critic and can all use the tools to listen and learn without allowing it to hinder us.

    Whitney E. Workshop participant
  • The tools Micha gave me were so easy and intuitive that I found myself spontaneously showing my inner critic who is boss within hours of the workshop, it all just came naturally to me. I find that I am way more calm and in control and that my inner critic speaks less and less, in fact, I can barely hear it now. Many times workshops give you a “feel good initial high but this one is more like a seed that roars progressively, so it is definitely good value for your money. I can think and see more clearly and more productively and have been tackling bigger tasks that my business growth was screaming at me to do, but didn’t think I could do and now I feel like I own many more aspects of it as well as other facets of my life.

    Elena N. Workshop participant
  • I recently attended one of Micha’s workshops and left feeling completely inspired. Micha has a way of making everyone in the room immediately feel very comfortable and open. She’s a great communicator, incredibly knowledgeable, and an excellent listener. There were times when others could have easily run things off track but Micha was always able to listen patiently yet bring us all back to focus on the task at hand. I felt that I learned so much in such a short amount of time and although I know it will take much longer to change lifelong habits, I have since taken up trying to acknowledge my inner critic in what seems to be a much healthier manner than ever before, along with daily meditation using an app. Micha's worksheets were insightful and will have me thinking for a good while. I look so forward to working with her more and the results/peace it will bring me. If you’re tired of holding yourself back, I highly recommend trying one of her workshops.

    Wendy D. Workshop participant