I help women in tech & mobility lead with confidence in
male-dominated environments.





You’re frustrated with being underestimated.


You’re tired of not being taken seriously.


You hate to have to work twice as hard as the bros around you.


You have the skills, the qualifications, and the competence to excel at your job.


Your excellent work should speak for itself, right?


I know.


Unfortunately, that’s not how it usually works for women in tech and other male-dominated spaces, regardless of their role or experience.


Sounds familiar?

You've been a high achiever all your life. But what may have served you in younger years – study hard, don't cause trouble – won't get you what you want now: BE SEEN AND HEARD, BE RESPECTED AT WORK

These wishes have a very tangible side to them too, and you’ll need to ask for it:

To make those asks, you have to clearly and effectively advocate for yourself.

And in order to do that, you need

one essential tool.

It’s not another certification. It’s not classes added onto your degree or one more seminar. You already have the skills and knowledge you need.

What’s missing is confidence.

Fortunately, confidence is a skill to be mastered, not a talent or personality trait.

With guidance, it’s something you can

choose, create and cultivate

Hi, I’m Micha, a confidence and leadership coach for women in tech and other male-dominated spaces.

As a corporate communications specialist for the German luxury car industry, I learned about the struggles of women in a men’s world and the importance of confidence and self-advocacy – especially as a non-tech woman in tech.


Now, I help women like you develop the confidence to ask for what they want . . . making a big impact not just on how they feel about themselves, but on their roles and paychecks, too.


Because confidence really is the key to getting

what you want at work.


Without it, you won’t advance as far in your career as you’d like, and you’ll leave your full potential untapped.

And that means smaller promotions, fewer dream roles, and less-than-gold-standard benefits.