The Workaholic

You’ve always been hard-working and it has paid off: in top grades, schools, degrees, awards, commendations. But it’s really been … hard. And it feels like it’s getting harder.

You are paying quite the price for your success right now: your anxiety is about as high as your energy. It feels like there’s a missing piece out there. Also, when have you last written a story, painted a picture, played an instrument or baked some cookies?

You have a sense that what got you here won’t get you there.

(Spoiler alert: You are right about that.)

Believe it or not, things can be a lot easier – and I can help you let them be easier because I’ve been on the same journey. What it requires is moving out of your head and into your heart – and finding a balance between the two going forward.


Your investment is 3,000 dollars.