Susan Seah

Micha is an incredible leadership coach and speaker. She has provided really useful and practical insights to the women of The Koa Club and LWT.

She is so knowledgeable and authen-tic in her talk, and always relates well to the audience.

Best of all, Micha exudes genuine warmth and is someone you would always want in your corner to help you unlearn bad habits which are affecting your professional growth and to remind you to be fearless in all your pursuits.


Michelle Le

Micha produced a 4-part series for The Riveter digital community.

They were by far 4 of our most well-attended and well-received webinars to date.

Her insight was informed, practical, and warm.

If you want to see real change in your life, work and how to be kinder to yourself, I definitely recommend reaching out to her!


Sian Culligan

I had the pleasure of working with Micha & planning out an event where she spoke on an all-too-real problem, Imposter Syndrome.

She spoke in front of a group of approximately 50 students, all of whom were looking to change their careers, and managed to reach every single one of them.

Vera W.

Vera W.

Where to begin – Micha is incredible. She’s easy to communicate with, very creative, and highly process-driven. She is also very insightful, focused, able to see the direction wanted, and provides vision with executable action steps.

This winning combination helps to create great energy when working with her and was very beneficial. I’d definitely recommend Micha.  She will be an asset to any team and individual working with her.


Melissa Lloyd

Micha is a marketing guru with a breadth and depth of world experiences.

She has leveraged her wisdom to launch a personal coaching business.

After starting at the ‘big picture’ she quickly helped me drill down to a tactical action plan that leverages my personal strengths.

Kelsey Gerney

Micha was able to work with me on a tailored coaching program to suit my particular needs.

We were able to work through some of the harmful stories I was telling myself that held me back and prepare me for the role that I was applying for.

I have received counseling and worked with professional coaches before but I still needed someone who specialized in working with executive women and focusing on imposter syndrome and Micha was a great help.

Nicole C

Nicole Crisostomo

I was so pleasantly surprised when my expectations were so far exceeded that by the time I was leaving the workshop, I couldn’t believe the paradigm shifts that happened in a mere 2 hours. 

Maria B.

Maria Black

Micha has presented several events at General Assembly Seattle and national: She is highly professional, easy to coordinate with, and consistently receives positive reviews from students who are eager to learn more.

Heidi Walther

Heidi Walther

Micha’s coaching helped me at a time when I started my new business and needed to develop a more focused mindset without negative distractions. Her workshop achieved just that.