How your dog can improve your mindfulness

If you have a dog, you basically have a mindfulness teacher by your side—or feet—every minute of the day anyway. Whatever unresolved issues your pup may have, it’s definitely always in the Now—and being with your dog can help you become more present too.  I have a general rule that dog walking time is me-time […]

You can’t fail at meditation

“You can’t fail at meditation” is a phrase I have on my vision board. I’m glad I do, because it’s a reminder I need. A lot. If you think that you “can’t meditate,” read on! I am not a meditation teacher by any stretch of the imagination—but let me tell you, my friend, this time […]

Signing off! Digital Detox in Baby Steps

When was the last time you were without your phone (or another device) for several hours and not asleep at the same time? I know. I have a hard time answering this question as well. These days, we all seem to be online all the freaking time! And striking a balance between our real and […]