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“I am struggling to build executive presence. I need to find better ways to cope in my corporate role and environment.”

Sounds pretty frustrating, doesn’t it? It’s a sentiment I hear often (far too often, really!), and you may have said something to this effect yourself more than once.

So let me tell you right here and now:

Coping is not good enough! You deserve a lot more. Working together, we set our sights way higher – because I want you to thrive.

Our guiding question in The C-Suite is: What do you want to create?

Based on your answers, we’ll map out the changes and action steps to actually get you what you want, without falling for our mind’s old stories of what’s possible for us and what we “deserve”. Or for these common misconceptions:

The no-BS truth is:

When you follow your curiosity, build your courage muscle, and get supported and cheered by your community, the confidence and clarity you crave will follow. Guaranteed. And even charisma is something you can train!

How does The C-Suite coaching group work?

We have two calls a month, on Tuesday at noon Pacific. 

In every call, I spend 90% of the time actually coaching. Sometimes it’s you on the hot seat, and sometimes you hold space for others and have your own insights while they are being coached. (I can’t tell you how often I have learned more from others being coached than from being coached myself. It’s powerful!)

If you miss a session, watch the replay and join the chat and discussion in our Slack community. Or hit me up directly with any questions or comments. As a member of my community, you can also book individual 1-on-1 sessions at a reduced rate whenever you feel you need additional support. 

And the best thing: This group will be open to you as long as you like! Because let’s be honest – making a change is one thing, maintaining it another. That’s why I am with you all the way.

When you join, I am asking you for a 3-month commitment. Quite honestly, that’s more for your benefit than for mine. 

After that, you can hang with us or skip a month, whatever fits your schedule. 

Your investment is 150 dollars a month.

And for the first full year, you’ll always be ‘grandmothered in’ at your current price. How does that sound?

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The initial charge includes access to the group for your first 3 months.
Afterwards, you'll pay month-to-month. ($150/month)

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2 Zoom calls per month (75 min.)


Slack group for support


Special rate on 1-on-1 coaching


Resources for professional growth


3-month commitment to start


Enroll at any time!

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The price includes access to the group for the next 3 months. Afterwards, you'll pay month-to-month. ($150/month)

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Micha Goebig

Hi, I am Micha!

I guide my clients through the process of unlearning what holds them back so they can change the world – one company, one community, one boardroom at a time.

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Because the best time to GO BIG is now.



Kelsey Gernert

Micha is an excellent trainer and coach. She was able to work with me on a tailored coaching program to suit my particular needs. We were able to work through some of the harmful stories I was telling myself that held me back and prepare me for the role that I was applying for. Micha was a great help. I highly recommend her services.


Anna Acker

Micha is very supportive and meets you where you are while challenging you to be your best self. She also thinks outside the box and provides resources beyond herself. I feel much more confident in my decision making, my mindset is much more open, I catch myself when I start telling myself stories or making excuses, and I challenge myself and feel good doing so. I appreciate having someone to help be accountable to myself.


Cheri Baker

Micha is an excellent resource for business women who want to develop the attitudes, beliefs, and habits necessary to reach their ambitious goals. Her warmth, sense of humor, and no-nonsense approach make working with her a pleasure even when tackling difficult subject matter. Best of all, there’s nothing woo-woo about life coaching with Micha, just solid advice, honesty, and her unwavering support.


Meira Shuman

My coaching session with Micha was immensely helpful.

Within just one session, she was able to help me tackle a particular mental roadblock and offered tools and ideas for overcoming this challenge. I left the session with clear next steps for me to work on this issue. I’d highly recommend getting a coaching session with Micha for any female needing more support in their professional life.

Vera W.

Vera W.

Where to begin – Micha is incredible. She’s easy to communicate with, very creative, and highly process-driven.

She is also very insightful, focused, able to see the direction wanted, and provides vision with executable action steps.

This winning combination helps to create great energy when working with her and was very beneficial. I’d definitely recommend Micha.  She will be an asset to any team and individual working with her.


Melissa Lloyd

Micha is a marketing guru with a breadth and depth of world experiences.

She has leveraged her wisdom to launch a personal coaching business.

After starting at the ‘big picture’ she quickly helped me drill down to a tactical action plan that leverages my personal strengths.