The Benefits of a Morning Ritual

I used to be a serious night owl and when I had to get up at a time I considered early—before 8:30 or so—I started the day in a really terrible mood, which often enough would last for hours. As I have worked for myself for decades, that wasn’t much of an issue for the […]

Efficient Minimalism—or how I stay sane

Are you a minimalist? Or do you sometimes toy with the idea but never actually get started? Or do you get a little scared just by looking at photos of almost empty rooms with bare walls and the thought of having to live like that? Spoiler alert: My walls are not bare. Quite the contrary, […]

Permission to . . .

2019 has only just begun, so let me also ask the question you may have heard a few times over the past days and weeks: Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Personally, I usually don’t—not because I’m against starting the new year with a new habit or two, but because I have learned over […]

5 good reasons to try out journaling

When was the last time you’ve sat down and written down your thoughts and feelings? Too long? If so, I recommend you add journaling to your list of good habits to try out and build in 2019! I have journaled on and off for the better part of my life, in different forms, sometimes pretty […]