Hi, I’m Micha Goebig (yep, that’s where the Go Big Coaching comes from), a life story coach and cultural awareness expert. I support and empower women in mastering the personal aspects of major transitions, such as moving abroad and starting over in midlife.

I am a certified life and business coach, but over the decades, I have worn many hats: Before training as a coach, I have been—and still am—a writer, translator, and editor. After close to two decades of working with major global corporations, renowned foundations and museums, and leading agencies, my true passion continues to be learning new things and sharing with others what I’ve learned to help them make their life easier.

The only thing I love almost as much as people is books and stories—both reading and writing them. This is why I would love to help you grow but also take your writing to the next level if that’s what you are interested in. I believe that journaling and autobiographical writing are among the most efficient tools in self-discovery.

I am originally from Frankfurt/Germany, but I have made Seattle my home. I love, love, love the spirit of optimism and the ‘can-do’ attitude you find in America, but in some respects, I am still as German as they come: I am punctual and reliable to a fault, and I am completely addicted to efficiency!

My personal definition of efficiency is: Ignore what you think you should be doing. Do things in a way that serves your goals and feels right to you. It’s as simple as that. This is why I call my self-experiments of not shopping, not drinking alcohol, or not using social media ‘efficient minimalism’: I omit from my life what I suspect I may not need—to gain other things, like greater clarity, more time for things I love, more fun. See my blog for what I am up to right now.

I am available as a speaker for your conference or event or as a guest on your podcast.
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