Do you wish that you could really enjoy your life without the mean voice in your head constantly nagging away? That you could own your accomplishments and not be afraid of not being good enough? That you could just be yourself instead of striving for some ideal of perfection you see in others? That you could just reach your goals without messing it up on the home stretch?

If so, your major learning will be to unlearn a few things. Let me help you! These are my signature talks and workshops:

  • DON’T BE YOUR WORST CRITIC. Unlearn negative self-talk
  • YOU ARE ENOUGH. Unlearn impostor syndrome
  • DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. Unlearn perfectionism
  • PERMISSION TO SUCCEED: Unlearn Self-Sabotage

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  • WHAT IF IT WERE EASY? Unlearn bad habits
  • NO IS A FULL SENTENCE. Unlearn people-pleasing