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When was the last time you put yourself first?

Investing in your own development is the ultimate self-care – and benefits others in your life as well.

Micha Goebig

Are you full of energy and ambitious dreams?Multi-interested and afraid that you lack focus because you are always drawn to reading and learning and knowing more? Are you courageous enough to ask for what you want and need?

Despite all the success this has brought you, do you sometimes struggle with what these wants and needs truly are? Do you have so many things going on that you have a hard time saying what really matters to you in the grand scheme of things? Is part of you stuck in an old story that you have long outgrown?

Maybe your gifts come with a dark side most people never get to see: Are you struggling to be fully present and to take time off because your never-ending to-do list keeps pulling you back in? Have you accumulated so much knowledge in some areas that you feel you can’t allow you to “give it all up” to pursue something new that interests you? And do you feel like an impostor anyway and for so many supposedly “good reasons”?

If this sounds like you, you and I should have a conversation

I am here for you...

if you are high energy, high anxiety, but low drama

if you are too bored to stay in your zone of excellence any longer

if you are ready to put yourself first and rewrite the story

Want to try coaching for yourself?


There are three different ways to work with me. I’m sure you’ll know which one is for you!

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The Alpha-Woman

You are ready for badass success – and unapologetic about it. Good for you, lady! The thing that’s missing is someone in your corner as you take the big step ahead. Because changing the world is a major mission. And no matter how confident you are, self-doubts are real.

Let me support you to go as big as you can dream.

5 simple steps to build self-worth

The Commitment-Phobe

You’re flexible and courageous. You’ve done some crazy shit in your life without hesitation. You are interested in a ton of things and take to a lot of them in stride. But the secret dark side of this ability is that you have trouble committing – to a career, to a purpose, to being fully yourself.

I am not telling you that all you need is to focus more, even though you may think that’s your issue.

Micha Goebig

The Workaholic

You’ve always been hard-working and it has paid off: in top grades, schools, degrees, awards, commendations. But it’s really been … hard. And it feels like it’s getting harder. You are paying quite the price for your success right now: your anxiety is about as high as your energy. It feels like there’s a missing piece out there.

You have a sense that what got you here won’t get you there. (Spoiler alert: You are right about that.)



Kelsey Gerney

Micha was able to work with me on a tailored coaching program to suit my particular needs.

We were able to work through some of the harmful stories I was telling myself that held me back and prepare me for the role that I was applying for.

I have received counseling and worked with professional coaches before but I still needed someone who specialized in working with executive women and focusing on imposter syndrome and Micha was a great help.

Vera W.

Vera W.

Where to begin – Micha is incredible. She’s easy to communicate with, very creative, and highly process-driven.

She is also very insightful, focused, able to see the direction wanted, and provides vision with executable action steps.

This winning combination helps to create great energy when working with her and was very beneficial. I’d definitely recommend Micha.  She will be an asset to any team and individual working with her.


Melissa Lloyd

Micha is a marketing guru with a breadth and depth of world experiences.

She has leveraged her wisdom to launch a personal coaching business.

After starting at the ‘big picture’ she quickly helped me drill down to a tactical action plan that leverages my personal strengths.