What can you expect to happen in our five Life Story Coaching sessions?

Consider our first session the big braindump where we will look at

  • your current and past story, especially the balance between different areas in your life
  • what you want and why—and what may have to make room to make this growth possible
  • From there, you will start writing the story of your life as you see it and we will have the opportunity to look a little more closely at issues you identify.

In the following sessions, we will explore

  • your conditioned core beliefs and belief systems (or BS, in short!)
  • how you benefit from not changing your old story—and what your motivations are for changing it
  • your inner critic and how to uncover and rewrite its lies
  • how to build new beliefs—and which!—by identifying what you really want
  • things you can or cannot control and influence to set the right focus
  • If you agree to journal as homework, we will review your latest insights as well. (It’s totally up to you, of course, but I’d strongly suggest it because I consider journaling one of the most powerful tools in transforming one’s life.)

In our last session, we will

  • work with your most important element of the course (yes, there will be some homework!): the rewrite of your life story that will support you in living the life you truly want
  • discuss tools and strategies to help you make your new story a habit

If you want me to send you little reminders as your ‘accountability buddy’ or discuss your progress between our meetings, please book the special with the email/text option.

Interested? Shoot me a quick line here and let’s set up your complimentary 30-minute consult!

Sounds like it’s too much ground to cover in only 5 weeks? No worries, I also offer 3-month packages! Or you can add on sessions at your convenience after our initial sessions.