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Support your team with monthly laser coaching

Have you experienced the power of coaching for yourself?

If so, I’m sure you agree that basically anybody could benefit from 1-on-1 time with a coach.

And what could be better for a high-performance organization than happy, high-achieving managers and team members

Our world – and work reality – has changed so much over the past year, leaving women in particular with additional responsibilities (hello, new head teacher here at the home school!) while having to find new ways to maintain and build their support network and carve out time for themselves.

If this sounds familiar, you won’t be surprised to hear what studies confirm: Women are more severely affected by the social and economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, losing jobs at a faster rate than men while receiving less support.

Fortunately, there is a proven, cost-effective way to make a difference

Micha Goebig

Coaching Office Hours

Especially for the junior and mid-career women in your organization who are not eligible (yet!) for their own coaching budget.

25 minutes a month may sound little, but thanks to our insight-focused laser coaching approach, the effects of these sessions go far beyond the issue at the center of the conversation – for the individual and for the organization who provides the support.

Companies who offer coaching to their female professionals and managers see an amazing range of benefits, including:

Improved performance and productivity

Improved relationships within teams and between employees and managers

Greater creativity and better use of people, skills, and resources

Greater flexibility and adaptability to change, better emergency response

More motivated staff willing to go the extra mile together as a team

Less waste of time due to miscommunication and unspoken expectations.

Coaching Office Hours

Challenges the participants in Coaching Office Hours may bring to the conversation:

Being a first-time manager, especially in a remote setting

Having vulnerable conversations with team members and/or superiors

Prioritizing and delegating when obligations change

Moving from the zone of excellence into the zone of genius

Deciding on next development steps as a manager or individual contributor

Communicating needs and wants to promote oneself

New column New column New column New column

Pursuing agreements instead of unspoken expectations

Micha Goebig

A popular setup for our Coaching Office Hours is two half days a month with 8 25-minute time slots each, once in the morning and once in the afternoon to accommodate female professionals and managers in different time zones.

We recommend that women who sign up are automatically assigned the same slot in the next month to ensure an effective follow-up and discuss next step or, if necessary, correct course.

This is only a suggestion – we will of course work with you to design the structure that best serves your team and your organization. Reach out to explore the options!



Michele Le

Micha Goebig produced a 4 part series for The Riveter digital community. They were by far 4 of our most well attended and well received online webinars to date. Her insight was informed, practical, and warm. Our community members had such great feedback for her “Unlearn Series”, we will definitely bring her on for another series! If you want to see real change in your life, work and how to be kinder to yourself, I definitely recommend reaching out to Micha Goebig!

Vera W.

Vera W.

Where to begin – Micha is incredible. She’s easy to communicate with, very creative, and highly process-driven. She is also very insightful, focused, able to see the direction wanted, and provides vision with executable action steps. This winning combination helps to create great energy when working with her and was very beneficial.

I’d definitely recommend Micha.  She will be an asset to any team and individual working with her.


Melissa Lloyd

Micha is a marketing guru with a breadth and depth of world experiences.

She has leveraged her wisdom to launch a personal coaching business.

After starting at the ‘big picture’ she quickly helped me drill down to a tactical action plan that leverages my personal strengths.